The Insider is a sequel to Stern’s first novel, My Brothers’ Keeper. An international plot targeting New York City becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse with Iran’s secret service. Leora Bargal and Joshua Canaan, two top Mossad operatives, are enlisted to work with Detective Alex Ramirez and FBI agents to thwart Iran’s plan to attack a New York cultural hub, the 92nd Street Y.

Iran’s Quds Force has formed Unit 840. Its goal is to inflict maximum casualties on Jews worldwide. It has devised a plan to attack the Y during a national convention attended by 200 Jewish philanthropists and nonprofit executives. If it is not stopped, Iran will claim that the loss of Jewish lives begins to balance Israel’s assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists, the use of the Stuxnet computer virus to damage its centrifuges, and the targeted killings of Iranian military leaders.



A massive explosion in a synagogue in Budapest brings a brutal closure to a Bar Mitzvah, killing many and injuring former Israeli Mossad Agent Joshua Canaan. Twenty years of tracking down terrorists honed him into a legendary agent. It also put a target on his back. The synagogue blast has the trademark of his nemesis Abu Yusalem, a cunning Palestinian terrorist. Canaan is contacted by the director of Mossad, who shares Iranian and Russian plans to attack Israel and Diaspora Jews. The message is: “Now more than ever, Israel and Mossad need you back.”

Israel’s military intelligence corps intercepts coded communications between the Kremlin, Iran, and Yusalem, coordinating attacks in several cities across the globe. Canaan and his sharpshooting partner, Leora Bargal, are enlisted to prevent the attacks no matter how great the cost. Israel must continue to maintain military superiority over its enemies, while keeping a wary eye on the most violent global anti-Jewish organizations. The country must be its Brothers’ Keeper.

Fascinating & Intense

My Brothers’ Keeper is a fascinating and intense political thriller with exciting characters who travel the globe and face high stakes in their quest to thwart a known terrorist’s deadly plot.  This thrilling tale is an action-packed page turner involving national security issues and covert military operations, that keep the reader engaged and guessing as to how the mystery will unfold.  This book is a great read from start to finish where each chapter is more exciting than the last.  The next book is highly anticipated and I am eagerly awaiting what more will be revealed about these amazing characters and their escapades.


Fantastic Creatively, Terrific Writing

Though this story is fiction, it probably is not far from what might be going on in the world—for real. The author’s grasp of the English language and way with words keeps you thirsting for more. Well worth the time spent reading.


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Gripping and Realistic Read

I read this book in two sittings, and wanted to read it straight through if I had started early enough. The character development was well done and the complexity of the story played out throughout. A complex story about Israel and the existential threats it faces. Keen study of Israel`s relationship of to Diaspora’s Jews.


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